Recovery audits help to reduce costs, enhance efficiencies in the cash flow chain, and to perfect business methods that lead to better profit margins.


Our auditing and consulting specialists will:

  • Utilize adaptable, proprietary software to identify, document, and recover lost revenue
  • Provide a detailed review of all transactions, including client invoices and payment history
  • Provide comprehensive review and analysis of vendor contract compliance.
  • Thoroughly review promotional allowances
  • Complete invoice cost review
  • Review cooperative advertising
  • Provide a complete direct store delivery review


  • Respect-and protect-client/vendor relationships
  • Submit complete documentation and timely claims
  • Recover lost revenue with minimal use of internal staff and office resources
  • Review underlying processes and procedures to uncover root causes of transactional errors
  • Provide detailed review of TMG audit recoveries
  • Recommend process improvement solutions to prevent future losses
  • Provide value-added reports to assist in greater efficiencies
  An annual independent recovery audit can result in an instant improvement in cash flow by locating lost profits.    

Contingency Fee Services

Acting as independent consultants to your business, The Maher Group provides its auditing services on a contingency basis. There is no obligation unless TMG successfully recovers assets for your company.